Ebenezer Life Centre-Ahero


Our goal is to aid those who are less fortunate by restoring their dignity and giving them hope and a future. We are a Christian faith-based non profit organization. We rescue and support orphans, abandoned children, homeless vulnerable teens from the streets and less fortunate widows. Ebenezer life center provides shelter, food, clothing , education, healthcare, and vocational training through the different outreaches under its umbrella. Ebenezer fulfills its greatest mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing practical relief while laying a firm foundation in the full knowledge of Christ and hope for the future. The institution has six (6) programs located in three (3) campuses: Ebenezer Children’s Home; Ebenezer Christian Schools -  ECD (Primary and Secondary units), Ebene-zer Ayweyo Primary School, Ebenezer Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre and Ebenezer Widows and Single Mothers program.

The Children's Home - Ahero main campus.

Ebenezer primarily feeds children living at the orphanage and other underprivileged children in the community. The children are served at least three (3) main meals per day. Ebenezer Children's Home provide shelter for the children. The Centre has a Matron, and caretakers that ensure the best welfare for  the children. Under the Widow's program, the children have mothers that nature and care for them. The Widows program has also introduced foster care arrangement especially for the young ones.

Widows foster care program is one new area of major focus to enrich the lives of the children starting from infancy. Ebenezer life Centre has successfully implemented home-like environment for all children without the stigma of an institutionalized orphanage. The children have freedom, and are cared for in the love, and admonition of christian faith and worldview.

Christian Schools - Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary - Ahero main campus.

Ebenezer Life Centre provides free education for both children at  Ebenezer Life Centre Children's Home, and the underprivileged children in the community. The program has schools from Kindergarten to High School. Ebenezer supplies all the schools essentials to the children and resources for teaching. Ebenezer employs qualified professional teachers and pays for their salaries.


Ebenezer continues to support their high schools graduates, to ensure they continue with their college education. The graduates apply for funds to supplement scholarships, or in some cases full  college tuition. The disbursement is based on pure merits and availability of funds. Repayment on the loans are structured and tailored for each student. The future goal is to have sufficient funds in the program to support all the graduates, to pursue their endeavors in higher educations, and to establish a long lasting endowment for generations to come.

Ayweyo Primary Schools - Ayweyo campus.

Ayweyo is an extension of Ebenezer to the community that was established after the 2007-08 Kenyan election crisis.  Many people were displaced from their homes  during the crisis, and some came to Ebenezer for refuge. The children of those who settled in the  area  after the crisis, did not have a place to go school. Ayweyo School was established to address the situation by providing free education to the vulnerable children in the new settling community.

Ebenezer Life Centre Rescue and Rehabilitation program - Kisumu-Tido campus.

The rescue and rehabilitation program was established to address the growing population of vulnerable children and teenagers on the city streets of Kisumu Kenya. The programs goal is to identify the homeless at risk teens, and give them an opportunity, and an environment to recover from substance abuse.  The rehabilitation programs also offers vocational hands-on training to help assimilate the teens back into the society with skills that equip them to earn a living. The younger ones are given opportunity to go back to a regular educational system with support from Ebenezer Life Centre.

Widows and Single Mothers Programs.

The Widows program has evolved over the years. Most importantly the widows have been the mother figures for young children from infancy. The programs is both beneficial to the widows and Ebenezer Life Centre Children's Home. For the widows it provides new hope, and opportunity to earn a living. They work in different areas, like foster care, agriculture, mills, and assist in the dormitories. Ebenezer Life Centre provides and build homes for the widows, and single mothers in the program. Ebenezer supports them, and in turn their motherly love and care for the children is unprecedented.

Our Mission

Shining The Light and Giving hope