The Problem

The cost of feeding, clothing and housing the orphans keep rising. Food prices fluctuates every season and long term manageable solutions are in the works for sustainability. Help us today to continue serving healthy meals to all the kids.

Ebenezer Orphanage

Our history

Ebenezer orphanage began officially in September 1993 with a population f 23 children. The Children's home is registered under regulation of the Children's Act( Charitable Children's Institutions of Kenya). The accreditation is renewed every three years.

The Archbishop, Dr. J.A Silas Owiti and Bishop, Dr. J.A Winnie Owiti are the charter founders. The home has 700 children who live on campus.

Construction on a permanent dormitory that can comfortably accommodate 200 children was recently completely . The final touches are almost done.   Ebenezer fraternity  highly thank the dinars for partnering with the institution for a period of over ten years to make  sure that the children can enjoy sleeping in a beautiful building with good facility. The interior design is well done; the children are using the modern wash room and bathrooms with shower.  The children cannot hide their joy, they are exited.
Construction of three new outdoor washrooms was completed last year.
This much needed facilities replaced some of the old toilets that collapsed. The orphanage still needs three more toilet  for an estimated cost of $3,500 US (Ksh 300,000) to serve the residential population of 700 children.

Feeding remains one of the biggest challenges the home faces. Thanks to partners that made this modern Kitchen Possible.