The Orpahange Ahero-kenya

We are an oasis of hope, providing holistic, educational, spiritual and a home for vulnerable children in the society.

Rehabilitation Centre

Feeding program - special celebration (everybody's birthday and Christmas

The Children's Home - Ahero main campus.
Ebenezer Life Centre provides (3) three free meals to the orphans and other under privileged children attending the school. The children are served at least three (3) main meals per day. Ebenezer Children's Home provide shelter for the children. The Centre has a Matron, and caretakers that ensure the best welfare for the children. Under the Widow's program, the children have mothers that nature and care for them. The Widows program has also introduced foster care arrangement especially for the young ones. Widows foster care program is one new area of major focus to enrich the lives of the children starting from infancy. Ebenezer life Centre has successfully implemented home-like environment for all children without the stigma of an institutionalized orphanage. The children have freedom, and are cared for in the love, and admonition of Christian faith and worldview.

New Boys dormitory - Hostel Under Construction