Partners and Friends of Ebenezer Life Centre.​​

The vision and work at Ebenezer Life Centre is possible because of the generosity of people like you. Thank you for your generous gifts,

and continued support in different projects that all aim at providing hope through education, food, and  better living conditions for 

orphans and under privileged children in Ahero,  Ayweyo and Tido Rehab.



Supports  feeding, housing  and education (Sponsor a Child today) - USA

Involved with  housing, education, infrastructure and expertise on future sustainable programs - Belgium

Supports  feeding and housing (Sponsor a Child today) - Canada

Rehabilitation Centre

Overseeing local board of reference and fundraising campaigns in Kenya.

This Norwegian charity organisation has worked with Ebenezer Life Centre since 1989 and is still our main partner. They have been involved in developing of our programs for all these decades for support regarding feeding, housing, education, infrastructure and technical consultant for projects - Norway.

We are an oasis of hope, providing holistic, educational, spiritual and a home for vulnerable children in the society.

Supports  feeding, housing  and education (Sponsor a Child today) - USA

Marketing and fundraising  campaigns (Sponsor a Child today) -