Rehabilitation Centre

Rescue & Rehab facility in Tido Kisumu County

We are an oasis of hope, providing holistic, educational, spiritual and a home for vulnerable children in the society.

Rescue & Rehabilitation 


Ebenezer Life Centre Rescue and Rehabilitation program 

Street Boys Ministry - Tido Campus
The rescue and rehabilitation program were established to address the growing population of vulnerable children and teenagers on the city streets of Kisumu Kenya. The programs goal is to identify the homeless at-risk teens, and give them an opportunity, and an environment to recover from substance abuse.  The rehabilitation programs also offer vocational hands-on training to help assimilate the teens back into the society with skills that equip them to earn a living. The younger ones are given opportunity to go back to a regular educational system with support from Ebenezer Life Centre.


Widows and Single Mothers Programs
The Widows program has evolved over the years. Most importantly the widows have been the mother figures for young children from infancy. The programs are both beneficial to the widows and Ebenezer Life Centre Children's Home. For the widows it provides new hope, and opportunity to earn a living. They work in different areas, like foster care, agriculture, mills, and assist in the dormitories. Ebenezer Life Centre provides and build homes for the widows, and single mothers in the program. Ebenezer supports them, and in turn their motherly love and care for the children is unprecedented.