Rehabilitation Centre

Our goal is to aid those who are less fortunate by restoring their dignity and giving them hope and a future. We are a Christian faith-based nonprofit organization. We rescue and support orphans, abandoned children, homeless vulnerable teens from the streets and less fortunate widows. Ebenezer life center provides shelter, food, clothing, education, healthcare, and vocational training through the different outreaches under its umbrella. Ebenezer fulfills its greatest mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing practical relief while laying a firm foundation in the full knowledge of Christ and hope for the future. The institution has six (6) programs located in three (3) campuses: Ebenezer Children’s Home; Ebenezer Christian Schools - (ECD,  Primary and Secondary units), New Life Ebenezer Ayweyo Primary School, Ebenezer Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre and Ebenezer Widows and Single Mothers program. 

Their story -  our history
Ebenezer orphanage began officially in September 1993 with a population of 23 children. The Children's home is registered under regulation of the Children's Act (Charitable Children's Institutions of Kenya). The accreditation is renewed every three years.
The Late Archbishop, Dr. J.A Silas Owiti and Archbishop, Dr. J.A Winnie Owiti (Mama Winnie)  are the charter founders. The home (orpahange at Ahero) has 600 children who live on the main Ahero campus and attend the school on the campus grounds. In addition to the residents there are about 400 children from outside each day who receive schooling and food. A total of 1,000 children receive schooling and food every day at the main campus.

Ayweyo School is part of the Ebenezer New Life Center. Here, about 240 children get schooling and food. After completing primary school, these children have the opportunity to attend secondary school at the Ebenezer main center at Ahero in  Kisumu county.

After graduating  high school, the goal and vision is to support all young people who have the opportunity, ability and desire to take higher education at university, college or other vocational education. This is a major challenge as higher education in Kenya is expensive, but we strive to provide this opportunity to as many as possible.

The street boys programs have approximately 120 children. These are boys who come from the street and who also have no parents or other relatives to take care of them. The street goods center now becomes their home, where they receive food, clothing and schooling. Here we do not have our own school, but we pay for the children so that they can go to public school. After completing primary school, these children have the opportunity to attend secondary school at the Ebenezer main campus at Ahero in Kisumu county.

Ebenezer New Life Center today consists of about 50 widows. Some of these live in small cabins on the site, while others live in the immediate area. They meet regularly for socializing and also have some work related to the center. They have, among other things, a corn mill on which they grind corn grains used in cooking at the center. There are also local small farmers who get their corn grinding for a small fee. The widows take care for the vegetable gardens and look after the chickens and cows at the center. they are also engaged in craft work where they make bags, baskets, blankets etc that they can sell on the market.


We are an oasis of hope, providing holistic, educational, spiritual and a home for vulnerable children in the society.

To help orphans, abandoned children, homeless teens on the streets and less fortunate widows. We do the mission by focusing on community-based efforts including an orphanage, free education, feeding, rehabilitation and vocational training.