Education- your giving is our strength

Academics -

The Early Child Development program and Ebenezer Christina School-primary (Elementary unit)) were started in 1998 as an extension of the orphanage to provide holistic education. The curriculum is designed to help the children grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. The schools have expanded and now includes the Secondary unit, an extension program at Ayweyo ( See more information below) and higher education micro-loans program to enssure Ebenezer graduates have a chance to complete their academic goals. 

Your giving and generosity has made this great endeavor possible to teach and plan for tomorrow. Your act of kindness is bearing fruit, and hundreds of graduates from Ebenezer Life Center are impacting their communities today. Check the testimony page for more information. Your generosity is creating a legacy and disciples of Jesus Christ, and we thank you for your continued partnership.


Our greatest achievement as an institution is to raise and teach the full counsel of the word of God to the children at Ebenezer, and it's extension programs. To show, to share, and to walk in faith, and in the love of Jesus Christ. The children learn how valuable they are to God regardless of their backgrounds and hurt. Healing occurs, and over time their countenance is changed, and they make personal commitments to serve Christ. Our approach centered in the love of Jesus Christ has produced independent followers and servants of Christ. Thank you for sponsoring a child or many children, your gifts are eternal and lives have been changed forever.


Health and physical fitness is an essential part of whole person education at Ebenezer. Our students are engaged in local,and regional competitions. They participate in  internal fun games as well, to ensure that all kids engaged in some kind of activity besides the athletes. Their is always a need for new sporting goods, sports attire and training facilities.

The Problem

Payroll for teachers: The demand for well qualified teachers requires that we pay our educators at competitive rates to retain their services.

Tuition for School: Budget short falls impacts our ability to deliver solid classroom experience if we do not have school supplies.

Classes: Smaller classroom setting equates to better interactive learning experiences. Some students in our outreach school in Ayweyo do not have a physical classroom. We're in desperate need to raise funds for permanent structures on this campus.

The solution

1.  Awareness: Spread the word, help us raise additional funds to support our teacher retentions efforts.

2.  Get involved with school supplies matters in your community. Help us raise supplemental funds to enhance learning in the classroom.

3.  Become a Sponsor: Sponsoring a child in a regular basis contributes toward the cost of their educations. Currently we have children that need sponsors. Email us today to get more information on sponsorship  and how to get started. You can also send a one time gift for your support.